sunday morning in my cave

favorite rooms: kitchen and living room

my kitchen garden is coming along: 3 sprigs of mint from Lessa’s garden seem to be surviving in pots; 2 sprigs of basil bought from Whole Foods still stand; the other one might not make it; jasmine from Home Depot is thriving, inspite of myself; two pots of water plants also thriving.

happy with my Chelsea flea market china cabinet; the cups, sauces and glasses inside; my capiz lotus shaped candle holders from the Philippines; my ex-boyfriend’s photo of  subway tile mural artwork; Jason’s fingerpainting of an apple tree; Jane’s picture of herself and very young Marco and Jason.

just made stew with pollock and puttanesca sauce; got last bag of freezer burned alaskan pollock from my 24-hr grocery; still good though. next time, i will make bacalao. am into fish these days; and mixed seafood.

making the best of things

 “What happens is, as I get older, the chances I’m going to play well go down. When I was 30 there was, like, a one-in-two chance. By the time I was 40 it was more like one in three or one in four.” He used to focus on personal achievement, but as he can no longer achieve so much personally, he’s switched to trying to figure out how to make his team win. In his decline he’s maintaining his relevance and sense of purpose.