some favorite movies & tv shows

Spanglish: a movie by James Brooks. Adam Sandler is wonderful in it. Lovely dialogue, quiet, implied, simple and meaningful. Understated. Pleasure to watch.

Charade: Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant; comedy-thriller; quick-witted.

Philadelphia Story: Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

A Quiet Man: Maureen M and John Wayne. Flinty love story; some mushiness.

Finding Nemo: a quest, a story told in two-dimensions express deep truths.

Bones: two ways of being in the world–the logical/cerebral, purely scientific mind and a mind molded by guts/experience combine to solve crimes.

A Room With A View: Pragmatic and creative meet and save each other. Complement.


Miss Marple, the Belgian, the Wimseys. Mysteries, cop shows, medical mysteries–i enjoy them all. Puzzles have always fascinated me. Reading the books on the Maya and Egypt in my father’s library made me want to be an archaeologist and led me to major in anthropology (i had no idea what i wanted to major in). I also enjoyed telling people my major because not too many people knew what it was and it impressed them. I did stuff like that.

what i learned from tv today

Words of wisdom from an instant millionaire: Having money does not necessarily give you what you did not have before, like brains for instance. Certain things will still not be possible even with money so, “stick with what you know”.

what i learned today from tv

Discovery Channel has this wonderful series called The Ancient Egyptians. It tells stories of ordinary people as well as pharoahs and other important persons, based on papyrus scrolls(petition letters and a dream interpreter’s files) and accounts carved on temples and other buildings. Pretty well-acted, with great production values, as they say, for an educational channel.