on pinakbet and living simply

made it last week without baboy or bagoong. the basic recipe, method and substitution i followed is from here: http://oggi-icandothat.blogspot.com/2007/11/pinakbet.html. i love it because it only took 10 minutes to cook, it was meatless, the food is simple but highly nutritious, and i could eat it without rice and still feel satisfied.

it is food that fits in with my goals of living simply, low levels of fuss and expense and waste.

i am making small changes in the way i cook. i don’t peel skin or cut out parts of food if i know cooking it for a time will make it edible (ginger and potato skin, cook okra whole); wash minimally and use as little cooking equipment as possible.

it is possible

In short, what are the main ways to live well on less?

Embrace challenge and shun convenience for its own sake. Ask, “Will this really make me happier in the long run?” about all life decisions. Realize that happiness comes from accomplishment and personal growth, rather than from luxury products. Seek out voluntary discomfort as a way to become stronger, rather than running from it. Develop a healthy sense of self-mockery, and acknowledge that you are a wimp in many ways right now (and only by acknowledging it can you improve). Practice optimism. And of course, ride a bike.

That’s pretty high-level stuff. If you just want the meat and potatoes: Live close to work. Cook your own food. Take care of your own house, garden, hair and body. Don’t borrow money for cars, and don’t drive ridiculous ones. Embrace nature as the best source of recreation. Cancel your TV service. Use a prepaid cellphone. And of course, ride a bike!


the virtues of an empty fridge

Discovered this site (passionsaving.com) on financial freedom and in one article the author mentions how some people have chosen not to own a refrigerator.

We had an upright freezer as well as 2-3 normal size refrigerators in my father’s house. So, when i went shopping for a fridge of my own, it never occured to me to get a smaller one. And i felt the need to fill up the space that had been “alloted” for it in my kitchen.

I now feel that the fridge i own is much too big for me and my needs.

I don’t stock up on perishables anymore. I buy them and use them within a day or two.

Leftovers in the fridge means i overordered.

Still, just because i have the space, does not mean i have to fill it.