notes on making the dulce de leche flan

  • the water has to be boiling; you should be able to hear the water roiling
  • the dish with the flan (so the water from the steam does not get into the flan) and the dish with the water (to keep heat in, bake faster?) must be covered individually with foil
  • it does take about 3 hours(!) at 325 deg F; recipe indicated 45 mins–this was not enough to set the flan
  • next time i will put the bain-marie lower rack of the oven, then maybe it will not take 2-3 hours to bake?
  • this argentine recipe is very sweet compared to the filipino one; and it needs to cool for 3 hours to 2 days?!
  • it is not flawless but i think it is edible
  • run the knife along side of dish to loosen flan before it cools; and the caramel is still liquid hot


more dulce de leche than flan

    happy new year 2012!

    i hope my flan will be good enough to eat tomorrow for breakfast. i hope to get my sidebusiness going. i hope to be more productive in many ways. i hope to run more. i hope to be a nicer person.