some favorite movies & tv shows

Spanglish: a movie by James Brooks. Adam Sandler is wonderful in it. Lovely dialogue, quiet, implied, simple and meaningful. Understated. Pleasure to watch.

Charade: Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant; comedy-thriller; quick-witted.

Philadelphia Story: Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

A Quiet Man: Maureen M and John Wayne. Flinty love story; some mushiness.

Finding Nemo: a quest, a story told in two-dimensions express deep truths.

Bones: two ways of being in the world–the logical/cerebral, purely scientific mind and a mind molded by guts/experience combine to solve crimes.

A Room With A View: Pragmatic and creative meet and save each other. Complement.


I watched it again today (Chinese bootleg version bought in Sunset Park) because my external dvd-cdrw is not working the way it should and i was trying to make it work better. It is my favorite movie currently. It is beautiful to watch. I was floored the first time i had seen it. But after a few times, the story… well it is a fairy/fantasy tale. But i am in love with the story of Broken Blade and Flying Snow. Her i love. She is my favorite hero. She is a warrior, unenlightened though she is, her toughness and her swordsmanship. What a great love story. The Chinese Romeo and Juliet. They both die in the end. How romantic.