food and cooking sites

there are so many recipe sites out there. i start with with, then i let hyperlinks or google take me to other sites and foodie blogs.

i like as it is easy to search (give you many options), not busy-looking, very well organized, clean layout and nice pictures.

beautiful pictures are important to make me want to actually make a recipe.

no recipes: gorgeous pictures; asian bent.

fx cuisine: made me want to cook well; pictures are in-your-face large; in the recipe on Real Uzbek Plov, i found out how cool it is to oven-roast garlic; but it does not have to take an hour; i hate all the ads though.

burnt lumpia and market manila: for deep insights and interesting ideas on filipino food and cooking.


a new year’s feast, Day 1

10:08 AM Just got home from work. Was at the grocery store to get what I need for my 2012 New Year’s Feast.

The menu for my feast is:

Braised Mustard Greens/Broccoli Rabe with Garlic

Potatoes with Peppers and Chorizo

Bacalao Guisado


Dulce de Leche Flan

Am also cleaning and tidying my house for the Brand New Year. Am starting today.

I am off from work today and Monday next week, so got lots of time to prepare for the First day of 2012 and a day to rest from all the preparations.

11:50 AM I think I will make the Potatoes with Peppers and Chorizo sometime today.

The salted fish (uga) is in a bowl of water; I need it soaking to get some of the salt off–8 hours & change water about 3 times.

Kitchen is all spiffy. Living room and foyer next.