on sad cypress by ac

Dr. Lord said, “What’s the good of life, anyway? That’s the real question….. “The point is that one’s got an instinct to live. One doesn’t live because one’s reason assents to living. People who, as we say, ‘would be better dead’ don’t want to die! People who apparently have got everything to live for just let themselves fade out of life because they haven’t got the energy to fight.  You’re one of the people who really wants to live, whatever you say about it! And if your body wants to live, it’s no good your brain dishing out the other stuff.

one, two, buckle my shoe

Reading this now.

I am loving the way she is building this one up–a few very short chapters (vignettes), just descriptions, impressions, not explaining anything yet. Love it.

Distrait: absent-minded, distracted; http://www.wordnik.com/words/distrait

“It was not annoying heartiness – just quiet well-being.” Something to aspire to. A product of inner work, which I don’t do; not in a systematic way–just not my style I guess.

“He looked at Poirot with an air of one considering some noxious insect. It was not so much his gun he looked as though he wished he had with him, as his Flit spray.”

the mysterious Mr. Quin

a Harley Quin collection of stories.

“Mr. Satterthwaite was glad that the young people had gone to bed. He was not fond of young people in herds.”

Finished it today (2/8/2013).

Mr. Harley Quin (the catalyst) and Mr. Satterthewaitte (the looker-on–the one who seems to “sit and wait” for his cue) move the stories along.

I wish I were Satterthewaitte, the looker-on-at-life with means. He comes and goes just as Harley Quin does; but he is the material twin of Mr. Quin. Mr. Quin is a looker on but is clearly not of this world.

He is associated with romatic love and death. Very mysterious.

partners in crime

Finished this over the weekend (3/24/2013). It is a collection of short stories.

Tommy and Tuppence are given a detective agency to run. Each story is more or less  inspired by a “classic” detective story detective.

It ends with Tuppence announcing that they are going to have a baby.

the seven dials mystery

Set in and around Chimneys.

Bundle does some amateur detecting.

Bill Eversleigh is not as dumb as we have been led to believe.

Sup Battle runs a ring of amateur detectives in this one.

She uses that trick where the part of the story is told from the villains’ pov.


the mystery of the blue train

finished it this morning.

a few quotable quotes:

Lenox: She sighed. “Clothes are no good to me. I was born awkward. It’s a pity, because I love them.”

st. mary mead is mentioned.

this is a poirot mystery, he is an oyster here, no Hastings.