Where Personal Breakthroughs Really Come From

The Myth of Grit and Determination

We “know” what is good, without tracking our mind can easily talk/rationalize ourselves away from it.

“…the improvement comes from wisdom—a real-time understanding of the connectedness between our behaviors and the types ease and difficulty we keep experiencing in our lives…”

“Our habitual self-defeating behaviors—overspending, quitting early, skipping workouts—require a certain unawareness that they’re connected to anything real. We need to believe in some naïve way that the cost of a bad choice is not really ours to pay.”

“Most importantly, it feels great knowing that you can act freely as long as you acknowledge, in writing, what you used that freedom for on this particular day. It forces you to recognize that you are free and have always been, but that you can’t escape responsibility for how you use that freedom, whether or not you choose to be aware of it.”

“What gets measured gets managed”


-What is consumed/spent/ in a day

To see:

-Where the costliest habits are


-What’s worth consuming/spending and what’s not