from Food, Fuel for the Human Engine, What to Buy, how to Cook It, how to Eat it – Eugene Lyman Fisk

“TASTE” your food thoroughly. You will be surprized at the extra flavor and enjoyment and you will not eat so much . Eating keeps you alive. It is worth doing well. Be cheerful . Do not worry about your food, or anything else . Bring no grouch to the dinner table. Eat regularly, even though not hungry . If not hungry, eat little . As the hour for meals approaches, the thought of food makes the juice in the mouth flow . Your mouth waters. As you chew your food , and taste it thoroughly, the juice of the stomach flows and good digestion is assured. Your stomach stops working when you are angry, worried or unduly excited . A little rest before and after meals is good. Let mealtime be a time of good cheer…


Is it necessary to know how many calories you are getting each day , or how many ounces of protein ? By no means.

The following rules will make it possible for you to feed yourself and your family without weighing your food or counting your calories.

Weigh yourself twice a month. If you are above the average weight you need less fuel . If you are very light in weight and losing weight, you need more fuel.

Try to have some bulky food , some raw food , some whole cereal , some fruit and some milk in your diet each day.

Eat high protein foods (meat , fish , fowl , eggs) only once a day in moderate amount.

Have one or two meatless days a week.

You who are overweight remember that you are carrying a burden that may break down your health.

You should eat less of fats, starchy foods, and sugars, and you should avoid alcoholic drinks.

Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially cabbage, lettuce, celery, spinach, string beans, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, turnips and sea kale. Exercise daily.


You who work at desks — Eat lightly of the starches, fats and sugars, and try to get plenty of fruit, green vegetables and milk.