main motivations are to save money for emergency fund {fund my high rate savings account at a credit union} & retirement fund {switching to lower-cost IRA company}; a way to cut down on expenses such as electric bill {switched ISPs to reduce internet bill by $20 a month}, groceries {one product for shampoo, toothpaste, body wash; one product for dish & hand soap}.

cut down on overseas travel; explore own neighborhood

eat in more, cook more  high nutrition, low cost food; i eat too much meat & i eat more than my body needs.

make, make do, clean and fix rather than buy; i have all the basic needs; just really need to take better care of what i “have”: my own home, good health (by eating better quality, low-cost food), a livelihood & work that i like to do, a small & reliable social network of friends, co-workers & family.