1. Tolle’s total acceptance of what is
  2. PMS and idea of the female pain-body
  3. hail the Egoless; egolessness in popular culture; the Hobbits; the Jewel of the Nile
  4. MrMM: being a producer is more fun than being a consumer only; physical fitness over convenience; voluntary hardship; constantly improving body, mind and using time to to make sure it adds to happiness rather than life suck.
  5. a dammusso in the Philippines; a stone/concrete cottage that collects rain
  6. am ritual: water, hi-fat/protein breakfast with fiber; coffee with milk and bacon, eggs & tomatoes
  7. Simple sewing projects, no measuring, no patterns, straight sewing, no zippers projects.
  8. Making do; bricolage; nimbleness; embracing entropy; use what you have
  9. Kitchen pantry beauty: vinegar foot soak; teatree oil/coco oil pedicure; aloe vera body moisturizer; black soap hair and body shampoo.
  10. made-up self perception: siraniko; mongha