1. small plates eating, tapas, dainty food: https://www.brit.co/tapas-party/; my favorite argentinian appetizer plate; plateless foods, finger foods
  2. writing a mystery story set in a melting pot, postal carrier-detective; possible characters: the super, the real estate agent, a newly-arrived immigrant; crime in a culturally diverse community; greed and money in a hot real estate market, the clash of cultures; the joys and pains of living in a diverse community; sub-urban life
  3. living in jh
  4. emily dickinson at the morgan; writing recluse
  5. the pleasures of drinking tea with milk and honey and eating only when hungry; simple food with very little cooking but satisfying
  6. sitting at bar enjoying a drink, some food and each other’s quiet company
  7. a no-cooking meal
  8. visiting can be fun; an introvert’s guide
  9. social smoking
  10. being comfortable in one’s clothes
  11. how to write, learn to write
  12. the small book, a booklet, a pocket book
  13. pleasures of space, time, solitude, quiet
  14. community news writing, sign up for a course in writing, news reporting: https://www.newsu.org/tips-tools-writers
  15. keeping simple, not needlessly holding on to anything, ideas, people, situation
  16. what art is: watt’s and sayer’s ideas, the trinitarian process: vision, incarnation – fleshing out – expression, effect on community, world at large; creativity
  17. a watt’s discipline = skill
  18. introvert’s worldview
  19. the world is big and i am small. so what.
  20. illustrated guitton