Comments on DIY Vermeer

kelly o. from brooklyn, ny

…every time I see something that’s people-made, old, and mind-bogglingly awesome, I just have to remind myself that people have always figured out how to do amazing things. but without the presence of the passivity-inducing instant gratification of inventions like television and surfing the internet, people just had so much extra time on their hands to tinker with their own hands and imaginations. we look back and are amazed, just as the peeps of the past would be equally jaw-dropped by what we have accomplished/created in modern times despite our lack of free time. it’s the human condition to stand on the shoulders of giants thinking we are the first to truly see the sky.

Karl Audenaerde from Falmouth, MA

At one point in the program there was a reference to an event that drastically changed one’s perception. Figuring out how Vermeer and others achieved quasi-photorealism certainly qualifies, but it required a life-changing effort. I had one, free of charge, happening with the speed of an epiphany. In the early eighties we were at the great Picasso exhibition in Mexico City. One of the pieces was the “Portrait of Dora Maar,” which I had never seen. But I had seen photographs of Picasso together with Dora Maar. Entering the room with the painting, I immediately recognized her – from 20 feet distance. That experience completely changed my perception of Picasso, in that split second. It went from agreeing that the man was a genius to KNOWING that the man was a genius.


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