from Dean George without permission

Why waste enormous amounts of energy and resources attempting to make people love and appreciate you? Why attempt to present a more palatable and congenial version of yourself to a group or a person whose approval and validation you covet? I have discovered from my life’s experience thus far, that there are some who rely on their own version of the facts and will always perceive you the way they want to… for they see you through the prism of their own insecurities and weaknesses. Be yourself at all cost! Ensure that you reflect the values you subscribe to. Be kind, thoughtful, empathetic, honest, caring, loving, patient, understanding, generous, encouraging… Also, see the potential and strengths of others. Do not focus on their apparent weaknesses because it only serves to distract you from managing your own. Allow yourself some room to be human. It will remind you that you need a savior. Do not let the cynics dissuade you from attaining your highest potential; and from becoming the person your creator called you to be: YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF!


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