the secret adversary

a Tommy (Thomas Beresford) & Tuppence (Prudence Cowley) mystery; they’re in their 20s here—I can relate—& are considered “modern”.

WWI has ended.

I love Tuppence—she is so brave; and she unabashedly loves money—because having it and making it for herself lets her be independent, be her own person.

I love the exchanges between Tuppence & Tommy, the banter, how they complement each other, how well they go together. I’ve always wanted a partner like that in real life; I’ve always wanted to have someone and be like Nick and Nora, Paul & Jamie Buchman (Mad About You), Agatha & her Archaeologist, Mallowan—in the world together.

The story has so many twists & turns; I surprisingly hung in there. (It’s early in the series yet.)

I’ve read this before, I must have skipped a lot of it!

There is first cousin marriage, unromantic; isn’t it illegal and not genetically prudent? 

Tommy is described by Carter as “unimaginative” therefore, not easy to fool, always skeptical—a good thing. Am guilty of this.


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