Looking for a good Egg Bhurjee or scrambled egg recipes.

one Mumbai style: http://www.flavorsofmumbai.com/mumbai-style-anda-bhurji-scrambled-eggs-recipe/

Mumbai Style Anda Bhurji
Serves: 3 people

4 Eggs
2 Onions, Chopped
2 Tomatoes, Chopped
3 Green Chilies
1 Inch Ginger, Chopped
1/2 Cup Coriander Leaves
2 tbsp Oil or butter

Whisk four eggs.
Heat butter in pan and saute onions and ginger.
Add green chilies.
Add tomatoes and coriander leaves.
Add eggs.
Garnish with coriander leaves or onion slice some onions.

filipino with bitter melon: http://www.wishfulchef.com/2011/08/bitter-melon-eggs/

Bitter Melon Scrambled Eggs
2 servings

3/4 cup bitter melon, halved & sliced
2 eggs
1/4 cup tomatoes, chopped
2 slices bacon, roughly chopped
1 teaspoon garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon onion, chopped
salt (or fish sauce) & pepper, to taste

Whisk eggs.
Heat pan. Add bacon and cook for about 2 minutes.
Add garlic and onion to the bacon and saute.
Add bitter melon, cook until soft.
Add tomatoes and saute for about 3-4 minutes.
Add eggs and scramble to desired consistency.
Season with salt and pepper.