Just finished reading Dorothy Sayers’ Strong Poison. I had found a blog entry earlier with the recipe for casseroled chicken from the novel; that made me want to read the book. Have been unable to find that blog entry again. I have the menu and instructions on how to make the dish that I’ve been able to gather from the book itself.

for Dinner for 2, 8 p.m.

Oleroso of 1847 Sherry Cocktail

Cup of Cold Bouillon Soup

Turbot (flounder) with Sauce

Poulet en Casserole
(or chicken cut up and stewed slowly with vegetables)*

Sweet Omelette

Burgundy (with the meal)

Coffee (after the meal)

* Simmer a ?young and tender chicken? in ??good beef stock,?the vegetables well packed in layers, on a foundation of bacon, not too fat, and the whole well seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika??.and ?a soupcon of garlic??. ??Always allowing that the giblets is added to the stock,?? or ?mushrooms when in season?. ?[T]he lid being kept well sealed down to ?old the flavour and the cookin? bein? slow to make the juices perambulate through and through each other?.?