wuv the Web

some good websites in my humble opinion:

http://www.jugglezine.com/: fell in love with the layout of this site first—clean, pretty, just the right amount of type and art, graphics.

http://pingmag.jp/: accessible art & design. love this one most at the moment. art and design without the self-importance & intimidating conceptual ka-eklatan; creativity & imagination humbly celebrated wherever it is found. no fancy, glossy pictures; & in plain english-as-a-second-language english.

http://www.stupot.com/blog/: the journal of a scottish artist/cyclist living in japan. love the way he writes. must be in the genes…. love it when people write so beautifully about their everyday doings.

http://www.terracycle.net/: a green company based in nj; using their products on my basil, hot pepper & tomato plants; i credit my plants’ survival on their worm poop; for guiltless plant feeding. more power to them!

http://fxcuisine.com/: inspiring me to be a better cook and a more discriminating eater.

http://shoeblogs.com/: hate! all the ads and links cluttering the site but he is always enjoyable & insightful and wickedly funny (the celebs make it easy); very learned & widely read—did not expect it from someone who is in the fashion industry (sorry!). loves miumiu prada, hates karl, uggs, crocs & ponchos. i agree with him on most of the latter. don’t quite understand (get) the love for shoes, but appreciate the love for beautiful & well-made things.

A sample:

“Manolo says, Ayyy! Merry Nonspecific Period of Non-Oppressive Festivities to all!

Let the Tofurkey and Macrobiotic, Bargain-Priced Sprouts flow like organic wine!

And now, let the Manolo stipulate that if the phrase “graduate school potluck” does not strike dread into your heart, you are not the feeling person. The very words alone conjure up the sort of lugubrious hilarity and culinary achievement one associates with Moldovan politburo lunches, sans the lubricating effects of vodka.

It is the little known fact that graduate students are among the most miserable peoples in the world.

Yes, the first year begins in high spirits, but then gradually, inch by inch, the lonely misanthropic gloom settles in, brought on by the low pay, the low status, the low self-esteem, and above all the low muffled beating of the unfinished dissertation, which, like the tell-tale heart, lies insistently beneath the floorboards of the mind.”

http://happymundane.blogspot.com/: love the name “happy mundane”—i think it is pure poetry; it’s like a zen koan; & is a good thing to strive for—to be happily mundane, or happy with the mundane…. and as always, i like the idea of celebrating the beauty of everyday, ordinary, useful things.

http://www.randomhouse.com/features/mccallsmith/main.php: he combines two things that i love: the detective story & ethics. mma ramotswe, the first and only(?) lady detective in botswana is adorable—she is brave, righteous but kind; she is the kind of person who has a natural instinct for knowing just the thing to do in any situation without rubbing people the wrong way or losing people’s respect. am her opposite…

http://archive.salon.com/books/col/keil/2000/09/05/perfect/index.html: g. keillor used to write an advice column in salon.com called mr. blue; i also listen to his radio variety show on wnyc on the weekends; it reminds me of all those radio shows my sisters and i listened to every afternoon growing up in zamboanga city, before television (1974).


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